Legenda Danau Poso

Once upon a time in the past there was a man with his beloved wife in a village. They live in harmony and happiness. The man was named Ue Bailolo. Ue Bailolo daily work as a farmer. Their agricultural products sufficient to provide a modest livelihood.
On a night Ue Bailolo dreaming. In her dream Ue Bailolo who was standing in front of his house visited by a handsome young man who drove a flawless in a wild bull is white. The man stopped the buffalo and fell in front of Ue Bailolo. He introduced himself. "My name Manurung", he said, smiling. “What do you mean to visit you here? "Asked Ue Bailolo. "I do not mean to bad to you", replied Manurung with a friendly voice. "I just came to introduce. Someday I'll be back here". he added as he climbed into the back of a buffalo. Soon Manurung and buffalo left Ue Bailolo.
The next day Ue Bailolo start cutting bamboo who cutting down yesterday. Bamboo weaving diligently until he became a simple seat placed on the front porch. Since Ue Bailolo assume spirits of young women whose voices heard yesterday he was still living in the bamboo, Ue Bailolo and his wife prepare white rice soaked in water in a bowl and put it on that seat. They shut that seat with a piece of white cloth.
Three days later, Ue Bailolo and his wife kissed fragrance coming from the front porch. Ue surprise when Bailolo and his wife they opened the door of the house, behold, a beautiful young woman is standing smiling looking at them. Bamboo seating and offerings on it lost some where. The young woman nodded politely and said, "I came from heaven to live in your house Ue Bailolo. God told me to wait for my future husband here. "
The young woman was happy to Ue Bailolo and his wife accepted his arrival well. "May God blessing and your wife, Ue Bailolo", said the woman later identified named Lalung.
Day after day passed. Ue Bailolo and she feels more lively their lives since the presence of Lalung. They consider Lalung as her son. Lalung feel same. He considers Ue Bailolo and his wife as his parents and have great respect for them.
When Ue Bailolo go hunting a white dove into the woods, Manurung met in my dreams really come into his house. "My name is Manurung", he told his wife that greeted his arrival Ue Bailolo. Ue Bailolo’s wife immediately told the young man got out of the buffalo. "Not now", he rejected the request Ue Bailolo’s wife with a friendly smile.
The handsome young man planted sunflower that has one flower bud on the home page Ue Bailolo. "If that is a sunflower picking men, I will make him a friend. If she was a woman, I will make my wife ", he said in front of his Ue Bailolo’s wife who looked at him in surprise. Although not understand what was meant by the young man, Ue Bailolo’s wife smiled when the young man saying goodbye to him. Ue Bailolo wife looked Manurung with buffalo to disappear from sight.
On one morning, Ue Bailolo who was feeding their animals just realized there was a tree growing sunflowers in her yard. When he asked about it to his wife, the wife remembered the Manurung . He also told Manurung arrival to their house when Ue Bailolo was hunting the other day.
A few days later, Manurung came back to the Ue Bailolo’s house. "Good morning Bailolo," she said lightly. "I came to ask sunflower mine. I see that there was no interest in trees. Who would pick the flower? ", He asked again.
Ue Bailolo who felt he had to know Manurung immediately replied, "Sorry Manurung, our children pick flowers Lalung have it", Ue Bailolo voice sounded sorry. Manurung know Ue Bailolo angry to hear the answer. He even begged to be reconciled with Lalung.
Manurung who saw Lalung was sitting on the terrace is very fascinated by the beauty of the woman's face. He looked amazed when Manurung hello. Clutching a new sunflower stalks cutting, Lalung stood to greet the arrival of Manurung. Since the meeting, Manurung and Lalung same as falling in love and seemed to not want to be separated.
After knitting you some time, finally decided to get married Manurung-Lalung. party was held. The residents help Ue Bailolo and his wife held a festive feast that. Since getting married, the couple settled in Manurung and lalung Ue Bailolo home. They consider Ue Bailolo and his wife as their parents.
Since the presence Manurung in their homes, Ue Bailolo life continues to improve. Abundant harvest. Because of growing wealth, a long long time Ue Bailolo become the richest man in the village.
Lift-law Ue Bailolo, Manurung, attract the sympathy many people in his village. Although relatively young age, Manurung is a capable and wise. No wonder then if the villagers picked it up as a king. The population rate is the figure Manurung that they had been longing to become their leader.
Since he was appointed king, Manurung common around the village to see the condition of its people. One day, he went to an area that often experience drought in the dry season. As a result, their rice fields and dry. Famine threatens and penyakitpun rampant.
Manurung immediately ordered residents to dig wells in every home. It's odd, of the many wells that have been excavated, none out of water. Manurung finally walked down the valley which was not far from there. He knelt and prayed for the Almighty for help. Above instructions, Manurung magic spear stuck into the ground. Water immediately gushed out of the ground the former rain wand.
Water continued to gush out despite relentless Manurung has been climbing the valley and view it from above. Long long water covered the entire valley and formed a lake. Seeing the incident, all the people truly believe that Manurung is a leader who was sent by God to bring prosperity to them. Since the presence of the lake, surrounding people never again suffer from drought. The lake is what is now known as Poso Lake is located in Central Sulawesi.

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